3.  Mark Weinberger.  This dashing former otorhinolaryngologist (ear, nose, and throat specialist) went on the lam in Italy while facing a criminal indictment for multiple counts of health care fraud, as well as hundreds of malpractice suits. Weinberger performed unnecessary or sham surgeries on his patients and failed to diagnose obvious tumors in at least two of them, according to Vanity Fair. The Associated Press reports that Weinberger has been sentenced to 7 years in federal prison, and 280 patients have collectively agreed to accept $55 million to settle their claims. 

4.  Magnus Peterson. In her ruling in the civil complaint against London hedge fund manager Magnus Peterson, Royal Court Justice Proudman summarized the testimony: "First, Mr Peterson. He was described [by witnesses] as having a charismatic personality. There is little doubt that he was regarded as having exceptional flair . . . He was very persuasive and had a way of explaining his investment strategy as though it [were] simultaneously very simple and understandable only to himself." According to the London Telegraph, a judgment of $450 million USD was rendered against Peterson's hedge fund, Weavering Capital, for defrauding investors.

5. Jeffrey Skilling. The former golden boy of Enron has become a puffy, middle-aged loser as he spends his sixth year in federal prison. In 2013, Skilling's 24-year sentence was reduced by 10 years. Skilling will have to pay $43 in restitution after perpetrating a complex accounting fraud that bamboozled the entire U.S. energy industry. When the deception was revealed, Enron's stock flatlined, thousands of employees lost their jobs, and thousands more saw their retirement savings obliterated.